An Innovative Clinic for Primary Care Family Practice

South Hill Family Health Centre is an innovative new Family Practice clinic located in the South Vancouver area. Our goal is to provide ongoing, comprehensive health care, with a focus on families. We prioritize new patients who do not currently have a family doctor or nurse practitioner.

Our care is inter-professional and team based - with family doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and clinical counselors.

Our care is patient-centered - we are committed to our patients’ informed choices regarding their healthcare.

Our care is accessible - we reserve spots for same day appointments and offer group medical visits.

We host regular workshops for our patients - including nutrition, mindfulness meditation, and parenting/family dynamics.


A quick update for you! As we try many ways to reach you with our new appointments by phone or telehealth , we suggest you help us out by:

-Watching for regular email updates from South Hill

-Watching your spam folder for a message from a care-provider with a "no-return" email address. (their name should be recognizable)

-Listening to phone messages from a blocked phone number. It might be one of our providers telling you they are going to call you again soon or want to give you a time for your next telephone or in clinic appointment.

Thanks so much


Dr. Dounia Kayal is on maternity leave. Dr. Evelyne Perron is covering her practice until she returns.

Dr. Lauren Sharma is on maternity leave. Dr. Adriana Mejia-French is covering her practice until she returns.

Dr. Hashini Bandaranayake is moving away and will not be returning to South Hill. We are in the process of finding a doctor to cover her patients. In the meantime, please continue booking with Dr. Danielle Chard, who is covering her patients during the interim.

Pamal Deol, our nurse practitioner, is on maternity leave. Meggie Guinan, our locum nurse practitioner, is covering her practice until she returns.