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Motherlode Pregnancy - Dealing with Anxiety in Pregnancy

We know that becoming a mother is a journey that isn’t always easy. Challenges from our own childhood, worries about the pregnancy, low mood, anxiety, and a long pandemic can all make becoming a mom seem overwhelming. SCBP invites you to explore the work of becoming a mom in and safe and supportive group. The groups are run by Lori Wolfe (Family Nurse Practitioner) and Danielle Schroeder (Registered Clinical Counsellor)..

Each Motherlode group will have 10-12 women, and meet over Zoom weekly for 6 weeks. In the sessions, we will use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, self-care, breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, group discussions and small homework assignments to try and reduce anxiety and stress around becoming a new mom. We have been running these groups for a few years now, and believe that just getting pregnant women together to discuss issues and concerns around pregnancy can be very helpful.

If you are interested, please email and we will place you on the waitlist.