How To Register

Thank you for your interest in becoming a patient at South Hill Health Centre. At this time we have to put a hold on accepting new patients due to our large wait list of previous applicants.

Please note if you have already applied there is a 3 month+ wait time for an appointment. Please do not call the clinic to check on your status and instead email:

- If you are currently a patient at the South Community Birth Program and do NOT have a nurse practitioner or family doctor:

Please email with the subject line SCBP

Please note: Until further notice, Dr.Karina Zeidler is only accepting trans patients who are referred from Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre.

Due to high demand and numerous requests daily, we do not wait-list potential patients. Please call your local Division of Family Practice to inquire about being placed on their patient list or check back on our website to see if our registration form is available.

If you are currently pregnant and seeking medical care, you may want to consider our sister program South Community Birth Program and register online at